Corso Court

Corso Court

This office building designed by the world-class architect Ricardo Bofill offers its tenants modern, unique and efficient office space. Thanks to its location nearby the Křižíkova metro station, in the heart of the evolving Karlín business district, with many surrounding restaurants, coffee shops and other amenities, Corso Court offers the ideal conditions for conducting business activities.

Corso Court provides 17 200 sqm of office space and 302 underground parking spaces. Large and flexible floor plates offer approximately 2 400 sqm of office space. In addition to a spacious and impressive atrium, the project has a beautiful garden, which can be used for both relaxation and work purposes.

Corso Court features a number of sustainable energy-saving solutions to minimize the building’s environmental footprint and significantly reduce its operating costs. The building's modern facade lets in a high level of natural light. The design also includes energy-efficient heating, ventilation and cooling systems, and as with many other Skanska projects, a strong emphasis will be placed on environmental quality inside the building.

Completion: 2015

Certification: LEED Platinum (January 2016)

Sustainability Criteria:

  • Energy consumption of the building is 36 % lower than required by LEED certification
  • BMS (Building Management System)
  • Green roof
  • Retention of rainwater on the site and its utilization for watering the garden
  • Fresh air distributed through cooling beams which are 50 % more energy efficient than average fans
  • Low energy consumption for lighting (efficient use of dailight, sensor system, LED lights)
  • Corso Court is one of the first projects in the Czech Republic to use electricity labeled by the certificate EKOenergy
  • 30 % less water consumption than in average office building (high-efficient fixtures such as water taps and urinals with low flow rate controlled by automatic sensors, dual-flush water closets)
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