Green Building Costs, Savings, And Value

During the founding of the Czech Green Building Council in 2009, two of the fundamental issues that drove the formation of the council were the desire for more information about green building costs and for more clarification of the real commercial benefits of green building.

In order to address these two critical issues the Green Value task group – a multidisciplinary panel of council members – was created to prepare a professional design study specific to the Czech Republic; which would quantify the differences in the up-front cost and both short and long-term values of new commercial green buildings relative to typical regional practices.

A major hurdle for the implementation of sustainable development practices locally has been the lack of a reliable and comprehensive assessment of green buildings specifi cally addressing the Czech market.

Our study aims to provide a reputable comparison of office building valuation between more sustainable ‘green’ building practice and typical Czech design and development practices, to guide developers in this interim period before more green projects are realized, and complete direct data can be compiled.

Key criteria of the Green Value group’s study include:

1. Realistic review of typical local projects
2. Sample of regional-specific design solutions
3. Accurate anticipated energy savings
4. Estimated effects on operating costs

Based on the results of our study it seems that developers and owners can afford green projects within typical project budgets and that these projects represent real value for their invested money.


The GREEN VALUE group was created from a multidisciplinary group of Czech Green Building Council members to prepare a professional design study specifi c to the Czech Republic. The group is made up of volunteers from a broad range of professionals practicing in the Czech design and real estate development market.

The group is comprised of architects, engineers, sustainability consultants, quantity surveyors, contractors, real estate consultants, construction managers, and product suppliers from many locally represented companies. Each active member company has provided assistance in their area of expertise to develop the study, whether it is the building and system designs of the Architects & Engineers, or the cost and value estimating of the Quantity Surveyors and Real Estate Specialists.

Task Group Chairman
Eric Johnson, MSc, LEED AP, BD+C, O+M, ID+C, & BREEAM AP
Associate Partner, Gardiner & Theobald

Task Group Vice-Chairman
Ing. Arch. Cory Benson, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Managing Director, Made Sustainable

Architect Group
Ing. Robert Jurik, Robert Jurik, Arch design
Ing. Petr Scurkevic, Building Design Director, K4
Peter Wojtusiak, Associate Director, Chapman Taylor Prague

Engineering Group
Ing. Martin Duris, PhD, MICE, Director, PBA International Prague
Ing. Jiri Kubias, Partner, Design Director, OPTIMAL Engineering
Ing. Petr Vogel, Specialist consultant, EkoWATT

Cost Group
Ing. Petr Hanys, Cost Manager, H1K Consulting
Ing. & Bc. Martin Horacek, Cost Manager, Gardiner & Theobald
Edda Sramova, KORING
Ing. Petr Suchoparek, Executive Manager, HEBERGER CZ

Task Group General Members
Jiri Beranovsky, Pavel Fara, Jon Hale, Andre Heinlein, Bert Hesselink,
Pavel Krchnak, Katerina Kuklova, Marek Kundrata, Frantisek Macholda,
Vaclav Matousek, Sonia Rimankova, Lenka Sindelarova, Ondrej Sramek,
Pavel Staf, Marek Stary, Pavel Stritesky, Kevin Turpin, and Michal Uhlir

About the authors

Mr. Johnson, both a LEED and BREEAM Accredited Professional, specializes in the planning, cost management, and delivery of green commercial development projects, and brings his experience on real world, efficient control over project development to the task group to ensure its inclusiveness and professional credibility.

Mr. Benson, also a LEED Accredited Professional, is an Architect specializing in independent sustainability review and green building project management. He brings a design management perspective and extensive experience with construction practice and management to the group.

About the peer reviewers

Mr. Hanson is the President of the Hanson Design Group, practicing architecture and landscape architectural design since 1988. He has been an Associate Professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) Faculty of Architecture since 2008 teaching landscape architecture and sustainability, as well as being an Adjunct Associate Professor for North Carolina State University’s College of Design, Prague Institute.

Mr. Marzot is the Managing Director of E&Z International, with broad experience in the Czech Republic and throughout Central Europe. His engineering career spans more than thirty-fi ve years, specializing in MEP design engineering, pre construction and construction experience with both domestic and international companies. His extensive knowledge covers all phases of engineering, management, and problem solving.

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