European and National Legislation and Financing

The Task Group supports the alliance Chance for Buildings. The Group creates a pool of knowledge and experience within the Council members and provides relevant and trustworthy arguments for dealing with key institutions in amending and drawing up national legislation, grant programmes, motivation tools and preparation of financial schemes using the Modernization Fund, RRF, JTF and other resources.

List of Task Group Members.

Main activities and achievements:

  • We focus on transposition of the amended European Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD3) and Energy Efficiency (EED2) Directives.
  • We participate in the draft amendments to the Energy Management Act, the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulation and other decrees.
  • We participate in drawing new and propose streamlining of existing subsidy programmes in the field of energy savings, high-quality internal environment or water management.
  • We participate in the preparation of non-subsidy financial instruments supporting high-quality environmentally friendly new constructions and renovations of buildings, using European resources of the Modernization Fund, RRF, JTF, etc.
    We deal with non-financial reporting (sustainability reporting).
  • We provide comments on the recodification of building law.

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Petr Zahradník


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