Sustainable Materials

The working group focuses on the use of quality, sustainable materials in construction in the context of the circular economy and their impact on the environment and users. The circular economy emphasizes the saving of primary sources and prefers the use of recycled materials, renewable materials or the reuse of selected building elements from demolished buildings.

List of Task Group Members.

Main activities and achievements:

  • We support the creation of the new legislation and other economic instruments that will help to reduce the amount of construction waste deposited in landfills.
  • We created and launched an information microsite on use of sustainable materials and waste management in built environment. The aim is to inform about the possibilities of implementing not only energy-efficient solutions, but also those that will be of good quality, durable and environmentally and user friendly.
  • We are member of a working group at the Ministry of Industry and Trade which focuses on meeting the objectives defined in a strategic document "Secondary raw materials policy of the Czech Republic for 2019-2022". CZGBC representatives will focus mainly on:

- Drafting the regulation on setting criteria for selected commodities (eg concrete, bricks, etc.), to become by-products and cease to be the waste.

- Contribute to the preparation of the strategy Circular Czech Republic 2040 in the area of ​​the use of demolition waste.

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Petr Zahradník


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