Karel Fronk

Chairman of the Board

Karel is Head of the Sustainable Development Unit at SKANSKA, where he is responsible for the company’s sustainability activities, namely in green business, protecting environment, energy management and community support. He has been working for SKANSKA since 2004, from the beginning he focused on environmental protection, integrated management systems, life and economic cycle assessment and circular economy. Prior to joining SKANSKA, he focused on Local Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development at the Czech Environmental Institute.

Petr Vogel

Secretary of the Board

Petr is the main initiator and founder of the Czech Green Building Council. He works as a consultant in EkoWATT (Centre for renewables and energy savings). As a consultant, he focuses on energy efficiency, internal environment, computer simulation of behavior and integrated building design. He works on analyzes of new development projects, reconstruction of existing buildings, mainly in the area of retail and industry. He is a major participant in EkoWATT research projects.

Jan Andrejco

Member of the Board


Jan Andrejco is currently working as Technical Director of Panattoni EUROPE, an industrial property developer. He started working at Panattoni eleven years ago as project manager and subsequently as head of project department and development manager. It focuses mainly on the sustainability of industrial buildings and in recent years his major topic is the revitalization of brownfields.

Jakub Benda

Member of the Board

Jakub Benda is Marketing Director of Saint - Gobain Group for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He has been working in the company since 2005, when he participated in the introduction of the concept of cash and carry for craftsmen under the brand Platform to the Czech market. After three years he was in charge of marketing management at the level of all construction material distribution activities. In the Council, he focuses mainly on environmental certification of buildings, the role of building materials in sustainable construction or water retention and use of green roofs.

Lukáš Ferkl

Member of the Board

Lukáš Ferkl is the Director of the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) that cooperates with the Council for several years. The mission of UCEEB is to connect academic and private sectors in the field of sustainable buildings, ie energy efficient buildings, comfortable for their inhabitants and friendly to environment. As the director of UCEEB, he is responsible for the strategic direction of the center, which responds to current sustainability trends - monitoring these trends is his daily work, which he would like to apply in his work at the Council.

Petra Hajná

Member of the Board

Petra has been in touch with the Council since its foundation. She has extensive experience in sustainable construction: she has been involved in the development of the Green Business Strategy for Skanska during her three-year tenure at the Skanska AB in Stockholm, and was then responsible for implementing this strategy into business units in Central and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania). After returning to the Czech Republic, she focused on commercial development projects. As a LEED AP, she participated in LEED certification for eg City Green Court, Five or Visionary. In recent years as WELL AP, she worked on WELL certification at Visionary and Praga Studios. At her current position in the CPI Group, she focuses on both the wider area of sustainable development and individual projects within the project management team.

Petr Kašík

Member of the Board

Petr is the Commercial Director of the Automation Unit of the Czech company AMiT, that develops and produces control systems for building automation. His entire professional life he has been working in the field of industrial automation, lately he has focused mainly on the area of BMS, internal environment in buildings, energy monitoring and dispatching workplaces. In the Council, he aims to support the development of activities in the regions and to promote its objectives and visions among potential regional members.

Jindřich Kindl

Member of the Board

Jindřich works as a senior project manager at Sekyra Group, where he focuses mainly on development of new sites. One of his primary tasks is revitalization of several major brownfields in Prague. In the preparation and construction of projects, he seeks to apply or directly set trends towards green and sustainable development, not only in buildings, but also in creation of new neighborhoods in places of existing bronwfields. In the Council, he is interested in topics related to the implementation of European Directives, legislative amendments and regulations related to construction.

Robert Leníček

Member of the Board

Robert is an architect and partner in Len+k architects, one of the companies that was the founder of the CZGBC. Currently, he is responsible for creative management and coordination of bigger projects and for development of the company in the field of application of modern design tools and sustainability. Within the Council he is a member of the organizational team of the Green Building Conference and since 2013 is a member of the Board.

Ondřej Šrámek

Member of the Board

Ondřej works in Knauf Insulation as a manger of public affairs and sustainability for Eastern Europe. He has been working at the Council since 2010. In early 2011 he founded the Sustainable Materials Working Group, which, among other things, published the publication about LCA and EPD of construction products under heading of the Council. He is also involved in the leadership of the Chance for Buildings alliance (Šance pro budovy). Ondřej studied international politics and political science at the University of Economics in Prague. He also studied at the University of Queensland in Australia and the University at Albany in the USA.

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