Council Projects

Roadmap to sustainability and net zero carbon of built environment in the Czech Republic

A strategic view of the direction of the construction sector and the buildings sector towards sustainability and towards carbon neutrality.

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Best of Realty

The competition annually awards projects that represent the successes and abilities of architects, builders, designers, developers and, last but not least, real estate agents in their sale or lease.

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The environment we create affects us as individuals and as a society. The buildings are its cornerstone. Let us not get contented with a few exceptional buildings that Council members can take pride in, that we leave here for future generations but let us make sustainable building an absolute standard. We have knowledge, we have technology, we have experience, let's use it to achieve the goal. The steps that lead to this are formulated by this declaration. We are well advanced on this journey, let's move on.

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Conference Green Building

The International Green Building Conference is held regularly every two years. The first year of the conference took place in 2012. Since then, the conference has become an inspirational meeting, where participants get an overview of the latest trends in green building.

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Healthy school

In 2017, the Czech Green Building Council launched a project focused on the quality of the internal environment in the Czech schools. The aim of the project is to draw attention to the unsatisfactory situation and, at the same time, to offer the participating schools concrete solutions how to create quality conditions for teaching and thus take good care of the health of pupils and teachers.

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Healthy Home

Our home - both the location and the building itself affect almost every aspect of our lives - from how well we sleep, how often we meet our friends, to how comfortable and safe we feel. If we want to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities we can hardly find a more important place to begin with than at home: this is where most people spend the majority of their lives.  

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SMARTER Finance for Families

The SMARTER Finance for Families project aims to encourage the emergence of funding mechanisms that ideally combine state support and advantageous banking products for both new buildings and building renovations.

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Společný postoj českých průmyslových developerů

Česká rada pro šetrné budovy z inciativy svého exkluzivního člena CTP nabízí příležitost ovlivnit další rozvoj využití solární energie na průmyslových projektech a podpořit společné prohlášení. Cílem této inciativy předložit návrhy na zjednodušení cenové politiky, která by motivovala k efektivnímu nakládání s obnovitelnými zdroji. Pokud s prohlášením souhlasíte, prosíme, připojte svůj podpis ve formuláři níže.

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Smart City Compass

Software to support the implementation and evaluation of smart measures in cities.

The aim of the project is to contribute to the implementation and monitoring of the Smart Cities concept in the Czech Republic through a specific public software tool Smart City Compass. We are partners of CTU UCEEB (ČVUT UCEEB) and the Faculty of Information Technology of CTU (ČVUT).

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Green Buildings in the National Technical Library

In 2015, the Czech Green Building Council launched a 5 year project The Green Buildings in the National Technical Library (NTL). The objective was to build a collection of literature specialised in the field of green building. 

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