Simona Kalvoda

Executive Director

  • strategic planning of Council activities
  • financial planning
  • communication / consultation with board members
  • acquisition of new members, communication with existing members
  • planning and implementation of activities and services for exclusive members
  • cooperation with ERN (European Network of Green Building Councils)

Kristýna Cabrnochová

Event Manager

  • preparation of the action plan and implementation of Council actions
  • evaluation of events, feedback and communication with members
  • membership administration
  • processing of financial documents
  • website updates
  • coordination of the Task Group on Healthy Internal Environment

Karolína Barič

Project Manager

  • Coordinating task groups activities

Kateřina Kuklová

Coordinator of Healthy School Project

  • measuring the quality of the internal environment in schools
  • Healthy School project administration

Petr Zahradník

Project Manager

  • preparation and management of international projects
  • working with other Councils (GBCs) and other organizations
  • searching for funding opportunities for Council projects
  • coordination of task groups Innovation and Technology, Legislation, Public Procurement

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