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The International Green Building Conference is held regularly every two years. The first year of the conference took place in 2012. Since then, the conference has become an inspirational meeting, where participants get an overview of the latest trends in green building.

It is the most prestigious and largest event in the green building field in the Czech Republic, where people from business, government and academia meet. The programme always brings the latest trends, news and innovations, Czech and foreign speakers present their case studies and open discussions on interesting topics. The delegates have the opportunity to share experience with the leaders from the industry and to expand their network of business contacts.

The upcoming 9th edition of the Green Building 2024 conference, "Decarbonization as a Path to a Sustainable Future," will take place on March 5, 2024, at Stages Hotel Prague.

You can find the proceedings of the past Šetrné budovy 2022 conference here.

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