Green Walk Green Talk: Fragment

We invite you to visit the Fragment apartment building, which is currently being completed by the development company Trigema.

The construction is close to a thoroughfare, next to tram tracks and on the metro, the design and foundation of the construction was complicated. Work on technology, facade and sculptures is currently underway on the construction. The architect is QARTA, it is interesting that sculptures by David Černý will be close to the building,  The flats are designed and built including complete interior furnishings and accessories.

All flats will offer sophisticated layout solutions, design equipment as well as the most modern technological solutions. Among the technologies used here are for example ground heat pumps – water with a system of 30 geothermal wells of a depth of 180 m, air conditioning with recuperation, filtration and adjustment of humidity and temperature of the inlet air, heating and cooling of the flats using activated ceilings, using well and rainwater to cover operational consumption (flushing of toilets and watering of greenery). Additionally, the equipment of apartments includes the Smart home Loxone system, which controls, among other things, thermal comfort, ventilation intensity and pre-window shutters according to the instructions of the weather station. Moreover, all the roofs of the new area are like so-called "green roofs" with vegetation.

Due to the great interest in the Fragment, there will be 2 tours, one from 9:00, which is already filled and the second from 10:00, where there are still a few vacancies. Therefore, do not hesitate and apply as soon as possible.

The language of the event is Czech.



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950 CZK

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