Rethink Architecture: Offices

    • CAMP Praha, Vyšehradská 51, Praha 2, Area of Emauzský klášter (map), or online stream
  • Apr 20, 2023 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

We invite you to the second lecture from the Rethink Architecture cycle on sustainable building reconstruction, which will focus on office buildings. Come and talk with us about how we can sustainably transform obsolete offices into modern ones.

Wide windows, divided offices, in the extreme it is cold and in the middle it is hot. Or, on the contrary, huge openspace spaces that are already obsolete and do not meet the needs of their users. How to adapt office buildings to changing requirements for working methods? How to reconstruct such buildings sustainably and which technologies can help organizations most to save costs and the environment? And why is it not good to convert apartments in city centers into offices?

The event is organized by Rethink Architecture Institute in cooperation with the Centre of Architecture and Urban Planning, and under the auspices of the Czech Chamber of Architects. The event was supported by the Foundation of Czech Architecture.


Jana Vlková, Colliers International - Office reconstruction and change of working habits
Liisa Tuohimaa, AW2 ARCHITECTS (in English)
Marek Tichý, TaK Architects - Electrical enterprises in Bubenská
Benedikt Markel, IXA - Reconstruction of IPR

The language of the event is Czech.

Fotocredit: Electrical enterprises Bubenská, TaK Architects, photo KIVA

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