Workshop: National Analysis of the State of Construction in the Field of Vocational Training

We would like to invite you as an expert in the field to the meeting of the second workshop on the elaborated concept of the National Analysis of the Current State of the Czech Republic (Status Quo Analysis CZ download).

The meeting will focus on higher education this time.

Aims of the workshop:

  • To acquaint the participants with the DoubleDecker project and other activities within the Czech Republic in the field of vocational education.
  • To discuss available objectified data, their sources and the state and needs of the current construction industry.
  • To establish framework scenarios for possible development of needs in the next 10 years.
    About the DoubleDecker project:

The aim of the DoubleDecker project is, within the framework of the pan-European initiative Build Up Skills (BUS), to create a strategic base for the transformation of the construction industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which would orient the Czech and Slovak construction industry to the needs of vocational education and lifelong training with regard to the emerging needs related to energy sustainability, digitization and the emergence of artificial intelligence in the field.

The event is held in Czech.

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