Workshop Rethink Architecture: Live Sustainability

  • Palata, Na Hřebenkách 737/5, Praha 5, (map)

  • Sep 15, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM

The event starts on 14. 9 at 15:00 and ends at 19:00 on 18. 9.

What can be done with a public space to make it more pleasant for its users and at the same time not to burden the climate of the city? How can you combine the ideas of architects, landscapers, but also sociologists and economists? How to actually start designing sustainably?

Come and try out how sustainability works in practice and how to work with colleagues from other disciplines.
The organization Rethink Architecture has prepared a five-day workshop Experience Sustainability for you, where under the guidance of experienced mentors in 5-member interdisciplinary groups, you will try to design
and realize the space around Palata, home for the visually impaired in Prague.

Come and discuss with colleagues who will accompany you in your practice, get contacts and
start your future in interdisciplinary cooperation and sustainable architecture. At the end of the workshop, the created projects will be presented and evaluated by a group of experts, the winning project will be partially realized at the end of the workshop with the participation and help of all participants.

As part of the opening day, the lecture Rethink Architecture: Cooperation will also take place at CAMP from 19:00 and will kick off the whole thing. You will have several days (14. - 18. 9.) rich program of lectures on sustainable design, communication exercises, participation with users of the space, an evening inspiring walk through sustainable implementation and talks with experts over an evening beer.

The event is held under the auspices of the Czech Chamber of Architects and thus brings participants 5 points in the program of lifelong learning ČKA and another 5 points for participation in the lecture Cooperation.
It is suitable for architects, landscape architects, builders, economists, sociologists, anthropologists, artists and other fields and it is charged (practitioners - 3000 CZK, students - 1500 CZK).

Those interested can already register on the web, where there is also more information about the event.


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