Healthy school

In 2017, the Czech Green Building Council launched a project focused on the quality of the internal environment in the Czech schools. The aim of the project is to draw attention to the unsatisfactory situation and, at the same time, to offer the participating schools concrete solutions how to create quality conditions for teaching and thus take good care of the health of pupils and teachers.

The Healthy School project is a reaction to the non-conceptual reconstruction of schools related to the first wave of subsidies programme focused only on the energy efficiency of buildings. These first grant programs helped schools to reduce energy consumption, but at the same time the buildings became almost airtightly closed.  Where the HVAC system was not installed during the reconstruction, the schools now have fundamental problems with insufficient air quality. Another big problem that is not so much talked about, is poor acoustics and insufficient lighting.  The overall quality of the internal environment in school facilities is crucial, especially because of the demands for concentrated work and cognitive learning processes. Within the project, the Council managed to negotiate extension of the grant programme by solutions for acoustic and lighting quality. We all want our children to learn in an environment that can fully develop their potential and not in conditions that reduce the quality of teaching and learning. Through the Healthy School project, The Council provides support to schools and their founders and offers them monitoring of the internal environment quality with recommendations for suitable solution. The Council also prepared and published a methodology for public procurement focused not only on energy savings but also on healthy indoor environment.

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