The Chance for Buildings had a video conference with the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and other ministers

On Friday, April 17 the Chance for Buildings alliance, of which we are a founding member, managed to arrange a videocall with the Prime Minister Babiš and other ministers to promote and support quality renovations and construction of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient buildings as tools for economic recovery. In addition to the Prime Minister Babiš, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry Havlíček, Minister of the Environment Brabec and his deputy Kříž and deputy Semorád took part in the half-hour discussion, which was later joined by the minister Dostálová. The Ministry of Finance was represented by Deputy Kouba.


  • After the healthcare system, the Prime Minister Babiš identifies the construction industry as the most important field that needs investments to cover losses, for example coming from the automotive industry. The initial attention towards big projects was redirected to the role of the program funding of tens of thousands of smaller buildings and building renovations and to the need for a stable and predictable environment for both business and building owners, ie investors.
  • The position of Chances for Buildings was strongly supported by the Minister Brabec, to whom the Prime Minister explicitly promised to increase the budget for the New Green Savings in 2021 so that all requests for the growing program would be covered.
  • ČMZRB will soon complete a guarantee scheme for renovation loans to supplement the subsidy from New Green Savings.
  • Minister Havlíček promised that as soon as the need for quick financial support to entrepreneurs will disappear, he would launch a communication campaign for energy savings.
  • Nobody objected to the requirement not to spend money from EU energy saving funds so that there was no gap between existing and new programs.

In conclusion, we would like to thank all the members who responded to the flash questionnaire on 16.4. and sent us 91 (!) responses for one afternoon. The outputs from the questionnaire can be found here and the conclusions were presented during the call. This confirmed that through CFB we are a credible representative of the entire energy savings sector in the Czech Republic vis-à-vis the government.

The topic of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient buildings at the government level was also opened. We believe that this will subsequently be reflected in further negotiations at the level of deputies and ministerial platforms, where the CFB addresses practical details of supporting our business. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us and follow the Council's website or the SPB twitter account and thus support the communication scope of our joint activities.

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