SMARTER Finance for Families

The SMARTER Finance for Families project aims to encourage the emergence of funding mechanisms that ideally combine state support and advantageous banking products for both new buildings and building renovations.

Clients should then obtain more favorable conditions for their green projects, and for the banks these projects should be more credible than normal.

As part of this international project, the Green Homes & Green Mortgage program is under preparation, involving 17 professional organizations from all over Europe with the support of the European Commission.

The program is intended to help link preferential mortgage financing, public funds, for example through existing subsidies, and certification mechanisms to ensure the complexity and quality of projects. A typical example is "green mortgages", which help builders acquire quality, healthy, energy-efficient housing.

The benefit for the builder should be optimized total monthly costs (energy, operation, mortgage).

Banks should benefit from more durable and higher quality projects with a lower level of risk.

An example of how such investment products could be set up can be read in the Investor Brochure here.

From the financial sector perspective, a similar Brochure for Financial Institutions is available here.


12 aspects that make a green building:

(slightly different EN version by SMARTER see here)

The SMARTER project has become a finalist of the prestigious EU Sustainable Energy Week Awards. Read more.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 coordination and support programme under grant agreement No 847141.

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