Quality Internal Environment in Buildings

The Czech Green Building Council is the only organization in the Czech Republic focused on the holistic approach to the quality internal environment of buildings. Through a synergy of expertise among its members, the Task Group offers a unique insight into the quality of the indoor environment in all its aspects. Our goal is to provide an optimal solution for the indoor environment of buildings that will benefit both people and the environment, whether in schools, offices or homes. Quality internal environment will become standard.

List of Task Group Members.

Main activities and achievements:

  • We have prepared and launched the website www.zdravabudova.cz , introducing all aspects of a healthy internal environment. We focus on building users and how the internal environment affects their performance, creativity, ability to learn and their health.
  •  We are a long-term expert partner of the Healthy Office category within the CBRE Art of Space competition (formerly Meeting Room of the Year). For the objective assessment of all competitors, we have created a comprehensive system of criteria, which we regularly improve in line with the development of the topic.
  • The initiative of the members of the group resulted in the Healthy School project, which aims to improve the quality of the internal environment in Czech schools. We raise awareness on a healthy indoor environment and its impact on health of the students and teachers.
  • Within the Healthy School project, we pushed through the amendment of the subsidy programme to include solutions for improvement of acoustics and lighting quality.
  • We prepared and launched the website www.zdravaskola.cz .
  • We raise awareness of the benefits of WELL - indoor environment quality certification through educational seminars and tours of WELL certified buildings. We provide media support to the topic.

If you are interested in joining the working group, please contact ilona.prausova@czgbc.org.

Group Leader

Iveta Králová


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