Urbanity Campus Tachov has achieved the best BREEAM Communities certification rating in the Central and Eastern Europe region

It has now completed the three-year certification process with the final rating of “Excellent”. It has therefore confirmed its exceptional position in the field of building unique and sustainable campuses not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout the CEE region. Now it is launching the construction of the second phase of the project, which will offer 55,000 m2 of leasable space, and it also counts on the reconstruction of a multifunctional building, which will lead to the further economic and social development of the locality. 

The comprehensive BREEAM Communities certificate monitors a wide range of aspects of the evaluated projects with an emphasis on social, economic and environmental issues. The Tachov campus achieved the absolute highest mark at all in the “social wellness” criterion, which reflects the fact that the modern production complex includes shops, services and a children’s group, which was founded in cooperation with city hall and the Freedom Life association and significantly supported the lack of pre-school education in the region.

“The opening of the children’s group was part of the socially responsible strategy of the entire project. This leads to ensuring even greater comfort for permanent and part-time employees and at the same time helps the town of Tachov to increase the insufficient capacity of pre-school education,” explained Markéta Šimáčková, the Operations and Sales Director of the Urbanity real estate group, which also fulfils its philosophy with this step, specifically to create an exceptional modern working environment while improving the quality of life in a given locality by expanding civic amenities and the transport/technical infrastructure in close cooperation with local authorities and residents.

“We are an investor who has a permanent vision in all the locations in which we operate. We want to be a considerate and reliable partner to the community and the prestigious certification we have earned shows us that we are moving in the right direction. Our campuses are an integral part of cities, whose prosperity is also in our interest. That’s why we create a pleasant, attractive and socially vibrant environment that motivates young people to stay in traditional regions,” added Roland Hofman, co-founder of Urbanity Group. Thus, the high rating of the certification generally appreciated the overall healthy and sustainable ecosystem of the campus with a clearly beneficial effect on the community and the surrounding area.

As part of the second phase of the construction, for which Urbanity Group has already obtained a building permit, an additional 55,000 m2 of leasable production space will be created. Units from 3000 to 18,200 m2 will be available. At the same time, a comprehensive revitalisation of a multifunctional building will be launched, including deluxe civic amenities, including hotel-type accommodation, provided to campus users as well as to the local community. Negotiations are currently being conducted with potential long-term tenants and operators.

URBANITY is a real estate group that operates in the premium commercial real estate segment. The Group’s aim is to create sustainable campuses with an environment highly oriented on the needs and the comfort of the employees’ working day. Urbanity is part of the M.L. Moran investment group, which was founded in 1996 and specialises in long-term investments, in particular in the manufacturing industry and in start-ups.

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