Water Management

The Group deals with the issues of water management in buildings and urbanized areas with the aim of helping to reduce the effects of climate change and the creation of thermal islands. The priority of the group is to increase the awareness of the issue and create legislative environment that will promote the sustainable management of water in buildings. We focus on the key topics: use of rain and grey water in buildings, retention of rainwater around buildings and the role of green roofs and facades. We cooperate with various sector organisations and invite academic institutions and the Institute of Planning and Development of the City of Prague for cooperation.

List of Task Group Members.

Task group active members

Saint-Gobain Construction Products CZ
Josef Hoffmann
Tomáš Truxa
Jan Chlubna
Eva Nykodymová
Ondřej Flanderka
Trigema a.s.
Petr Ježek
Accolade s.r.o.
Jan Pavlík
Jaromír Plotica
Petra Hajná Jitka Kubová
University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB)
Jana Simčinová
Pavla Ryklová
DEK, a.s.
Daniela Danešová
Monika Robotková
G-PROJECT, s. r. o.
Filip Skřička
Gabriel s.r.o.
Tomáš Gabriel
Gleeds Česká republika s.r.o.
Eliška Zelendová
Marek Pokorný
Petr Doležal
Petr Novák
Jindřich Hanzlíček
IURS - Institute for Sustainable Development of Settlements
Barbara Vojvodíková
Pavel Vojta Kateřina Simandl
KKCG Real Estate
Karel Fronk
Knauf Insulation
Ondřej Šrámek
Štěpán Lášek
Koncept Ekotech
Jana Petrů
Kamila Nábělková
Karolína Barič
Martin Barič
Libor Musil Světlana Honsová
Natura verde NNO z.s.
Simon Flemr
Jan Andrejco
Pavel Fojtík
Petr Bečán
Jiří Majer
Sedum Top Solution
Antonín Vejmelka
Technical and Test Institute for Construction in Prague
Alexander Trinner
Trikaya Asset Management a.s.
Martin Štěpánek
Urbanity Development a.s.
Miroslav Přibyl
YIT Stavo s.r.o.
Veronika Kostíková
Jan Kubín

Main activities and achievements:

  • Since the Task Group formation in 2017, the CZGBC has become the leader in promoting and pursuing sustainable solutions for water management in buildings.
  • We prepared and published a review of legislative and incentive measures that support the use of green roofs and the implementation of energy-saving technologies in buildings in selected European countries with similar climatic conditions and examples of good practice (Germany, Austria, France). See below for download.
  • We prepared proposals for amendments to legislation to promote the sustainable management of water and use green roofs. See below for download.
  • We organize seminars and tours of buildings with examples of good practice.
  • We published a handbook "Effectivity and benefits of the green roofs" (see below).
  • In June 2020 at a round table at presence of Richard Brabec, Minister for Environment, we discussed our proposal for legal changes to promote and support effective saving solutions. In June 2021 we organised a follow up meeting to review the achievements in adopting the proposed changes and amendments.
  • The preparations of the publication Economy of grey water use is under progress, the booklet to be pubished at the end of 2021.
  • We systematically and intensively promote the topic of water management in media. In 2020, media coverage of the water management reached 169 outputs. 
  • NB - all publications and documents are in the Czech language only.

If you are interested in joining the working group, please contact simona.kalvoda@czgbc.org


Group Leader

Jana Petrů


Exclusive Members

All Members