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Certifications are one of the key drivers of green building industry development and this Task Group has been functioning since the CZGBC was formed in 2009. Certifications - as a fundamental topic - permeates all other Task Groups. As part of our activities, the Group is dedicated to developing international certification systems LEED and BREEAM, national SBToolCZ and other derived systems as WELL, and adaptation to local conditions.

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European and National Legislation and Financing

The Task Group supports the alliance Chance for Buildings. The Group creates a pool of knowledge and experience within the Council members and provides relevant and trustworthy arguments for dealing with key institutions in amending and drawing up national legislation, grant programmes, motivation tools and preparation of financial schemes using the Modernization Fund, RRF, JTF and other resources.

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The Group focuses on the issue of regeneration and redevelopment of unused and neglected areas. It views the topic on brownfields from the perspective of their sustainable revitalization, promotes the use of brownfields over green fields, builds on topics such as water management, green roofs or elimination of thermal islands in cities. It also focuses on the issue of brownfields in relation to certifications LEED, BREEAM and legislation.

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Water Management

The Group deals with the issues of water management in buildings and urbanized areas with the aim of helping to reduce the effects of climate change and the creation of thermal islands. The priority of the group is to increase the awareness of the issue and create legislative environment that will promote the sustainable management of water in buildings. We focus on the key topics: use of rain and grey water in buildings, retention of rainwater around buildings and the role of green roofs and facades. We cooperate with various sector organisations and invite academic institutions and the Institute of Planning and Development of the City of Prague for cooperation.

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Innovation and Technology

The working group was emerged by expanding the activities of the Energy Management group to include other topics of efficient operation of green buildings. It aims to strengthen the use of innovative solutions and tools to increase quality and to promote sustainability while ensuring a healthy internal environment.

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Sustainable Materials

The working group focuses on the use of quality, sustainable materials in construction in the context of the circular economy and their impact on the environment and users. The circular economy emphasizes the saving of primary sources and prefers the use of recycled materials, renewable materials or the reuse of selected building elements from demolished buildings.

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Public Procurement

The aim of the Public Procurement Task Group is to dispel the concerns of the contracting authorities in specifying the qualitative parameters of the building in the procurement process. The main tools are the education of contracting authorities and potential bidders and provision of methodological support in the preparation and implementation of sustainable and efficient projects.

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Quality Internal Environment in Buildings

The Czech Green Building Council is the only organization in the Czech Republic focused on the holistic approach to the quality internal environment of buildings. Through a synergy of expertise among its members, the Task Group offers a unique insight into the quality of the indoor environment in all its aspects. Our goal is to provide an optimal solution for the indoor environment of buildings that will benefit both people and the environment, whether in schools, offices or homes. Quality internal environment will become standard.

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Taxonomy and ESG

The group's main task will be to develop a substantive interpretation of taxonomy and to define specific aspects at national level. This will be the basis for establishing a broader consensus among stakeholders on specific rules for evaluating compliance with taxonomy requirements. The group's remit will be to link findings from the international scene with the requirements and ideas of market participants at national level. Using the European Regional Network of Green Building Councils, we will be able to bring experience from other countries and use it to create such a methodological guide. The aim is a common understanding, acceptance of a common approach and assessment criteria and simplification of the process for investors and for the banking sector.

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