The Group focuses on the issue of regeneration and redevelopment of unused and neglected areas. It views the topic on brownfields from the perspective of their sustainable revitalization, promotes the use of brownfields over green fields, builds on topics such as water management, green roofs or elimination of thermal islands in cities. It also focuses on the issue of brownfields in relation to certifications LEED, BREEAM and legislation.

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Main activities and achievements:

  • We prepared and published the investor guide (see document below)
  • We cooperate with the relevant state administration institutions, responsible for brownfields revitalization.
  • We ran a successful international conference Brown Goes Green with 220 delegates and over 80 media outputs on the topic of sustainable revitalization of brownfields.
  • We continuously promote the topic during educational events and in the media.
  • We monitor related legislation and prepare proposals for removing the barriers of wider use of sustainable solutions.

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Karolína Barič


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